09-011-02 Mark Pharis Cup in use


The Artstream Ceramic Library is a social-outreach project whose mission is to connect contemporary functional ceramics with ordinary people. Similar in structure to a literature-based library, the Ceramic Library loans out unique handmade cups made by thirteen nationally-known potters, for a period of seven days.

Social Exchange

Social exchange is the most important aspect of this project. The Ceramic Library asks that the borrower take a digital photograph of the cup in use, and encourages other artforms as well, including music, video, and visual art. The photographs and art are then posted online.

By posting the interchange between Ceramic Library cups and the art they have inspired, we hope to underscore the day to day impact that handmade functional ceramics have in people’s lives, and the amazing creativity that can be generated from this give and take. We hope that our cups will stay in circulation for many years and that creative interactions will grow and deepen over time.

09-011-02 Mark Pharis cup with library boxHow it Works

Each cup has been assigned a number corresponding to a custom wooden box embossed with the silver Artstream logo, which will uniquely identify that cup online along with the art that has been contributed in response to it. Read more here.

Be Involved

In the winter months, we hope that the Ceramic Library will travel across the country to libraries and organizations interested in sponsoring our project, so that people from coast to coast may participate in this groundbreaking cultural interchange. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting our project. And hey! No need to sip quietly in this library. Food and drink are required.

artstream gallery on tour, nyc 2005

artstream exhibition NYC 2005