The library recently completed a month with the lovely people of Deer Isle, Maine. Hosted by Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in their Center for Community Programs gallery space, the cups enjoyed a diversity of new experiences. Here are a few images, and the site is updated with the others. Also is a poem in response to a Christa Assad cup. . . Thank you Haystack for hosting. . . .Haystack staff enjoying the library

the librarian. . .


library on display

Broken Vessel

for Alleghany Meadows and Christa Assad

We are all after companionship,
sometimes it’s the love of our lives,
other times it might be as simple

as holding this cup that I am
about to pour my coffee into,
the one with the microcosmic

geology of the opalescent glaze
that has flowed over ridges
of clay, the one with the crazed

lines on the inner wall, like ice
and stone together, the one
that has the simple

finger mark at the bottom,
where the potter made a spiral, 
like the beginning of a galaxy.

It’s then I notice a crack, running
from rim to base, not enough
to break it right now, but the message

is clear:  It will split in two,
unable to hold anything else,
except the memory of its use,

how we brought it to our lips
to drink grief or joy, coffee or tea,
or perhaps just cool water,

flowing over the clay again.
The dance of erosion as old
as all of our beginnings.

Stuart Kestenbaum

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