Artstream Ceramic Library at Haystack November 15 – December 15

From November 15-December 15 the Artstream Ceramic Library is at Haystack’s Center for Community Programs. Haystack trustee Alleghany Meadows helped develop this social-outreach project whose mission is to connect contemporary functional ceramics with ordinary people. Similar in structure to a literature-based library, the Artstream Ceramic Library loans out unique handmade cups made by thirteen nationally-known potters, for a period of seven days. A vital component of the social exchange aspect of this venture is that the Artstream Ceramic Library asks that the borrower to take a digital photograph of the cup in use, and encourages including other art forms as well, such as music, video, and visual art. The photographs and art will then be posted online.

The library is a social outreach project of the Artstream Nomadic Gallery, a 30-foot 1967 Airstream Sovereign land yacht that was completely remodeled into an exhibition space in 2001. Based in Carbondale, Colorado, it has traveled from Los Angeles to New York, putting contemporary ceramic art on the street.

Artstream Nomadic Gallery travels around the country exhibiting contemporary ceramic art. Pictured above at Holter Museum of Art, Helena, MT, guest of Archie Bray Foundation, 2009

library on display

library on display, Studio for Arts and Works, SAW, Carbondale, CO, 2010

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